Dear Sir, IT is rare that I agree with Ray Fleming, (see Friday's Letters)but his masterly and reasoned article today on the use of the atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki,is unquestionbly the truest interpretation of these events that I have read in this age of revisionist historians who seek to denigrate the Allies for the bombings,but who lay little blame on Tojo and his fellow band of fanatical Japanese ministers who would without doubt have continued the war probably causing ,it was estimated, over ONE MILLION American and allied lives that an invasion of the Japanese homeland would have entailed..Dont forget,the Bushido code of the Japanese Army which was “Death before Dishonour”,shown time and time again in the assaults on the many Island held by Japan where the defenders committed Hari Kari rather then surrender. And, let us not forget the original suicide bombers who crashed their aeroplanes on American warships-The Kamikazis. There is one other aspect of the research that led to the atom bombs being constructed and that is the Allies only led the Germans by a few months. German scientists almost succeeded but the raids in Norway that destroyed the “heavy water” plants held them up until military defeat ended their work. As Winston Churchill said at the time, “By God's mercy,British and American science,outpaced all German efforts” Ray Flemings last paragraph sums up perfectly ,the whole issue of the nuclear dilemma and I congratulate him for his facing up to the inevitable conclusion.

Phil Green ,Son Ferrer