By Jason Moore

THERE have been some winners at the London Olympics, (notably team GB) but there have been some losers, whose report card reads; could have done better. In this category you have Spain, which despite having the climate and the sporting facilities has fallen well behind other European nations such as France and Germany. Spain went to London 2012 on a high, they had recently regained their European soccer crown. But the team suffered an early setback when our very own tennis hero, Rafa Nadal, was ruled out through injury. Nadal should have carried the flag for Spain at the opening ceremony, in the end he was forced to watch the event from his Manacor home. Spain has struggled to pick-up medals and will finish the Olympics with only a handful of Gold Medals. So what is wrong with Spanish sport? One Spanish colleague told me that there was far too much attention paid to football and other sports were simply overlooked. Spain is indeed a sporting nation; everywhere you look Majorcans are training or playing a particular sport. There are no lack of facilities. Every major village and town in Majorca has a first rate sports centre which would be the envy of many nations. So perhaps it is a problem of funding. Spain´s most successful Olympics were on home soil in Barcelona, they have never been able to reproduce that form. Spain should be winning at the least in the water-sports. For once perhaps Spain can learn from the British Olympic team.