I've just returned from my third walking holiday on Majorca and I am really cross. The mountains of the Tramuntana are beautiful beyond compare but the access to them is absolutely terrible. It is as though the selfish landowners have conspired to close off huge tracts of wilderness to walkers. many paths that once were open have now been closed and I am so fed up at coming across Privado and Prohibido signs. Notable examples of lost paths can be found at the Coll de Soller (where there are no longer any paths at all), the path to the Castell del Rei, near Pollensa and at Mossa where the path is open one day each week but must be walked in an anti-clockwise direction only. Unbelievable! In some places landowners actually charge walkers to cross their land.

Although the paths have been closed by selfish landowners surely much of the blame must lie with the local authorities who have allowed these wonderful routes to be closed. I live near the English lake district where there is a huge amount of paths and access to hills. It is a model the Majorcan authorities would do well to take a look at. Although most holiday makers come to Majorca for the beaches there are a great deal of people who come to enjoy the walking and these groups typically come in the spring and autumn, thus extending the tourist season. Why should hundreds of walkers be denied access to unused wilderness because some individual landowners don't like people crossing their land?

It is time that the authorities took a stronger stance with these landowners and insist that access be reinstated where once it was permitted. If things don't improve then I, for one, will look elsewhere for my walking holidays.

Tony Galuidi, by e-mail

Friday, 7th August: Just checked out your “What's On” page for the month on the net.
That's much better, need more of it, advance dates for fiestas, performers, events etc. I come over between 6 and 9 times a year and like to be there for cycle races, classic vehicle events, big name performers, fiestas and anything to have a good time.

I need advance information without spending hours on the net.

Mike Wainwright, by e-mail


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