By Humprey Carter

THIS week the Foreign and Commonwealth Office issued its annual report on the behaviour of Britons abroad and it appeared rather favourable with less arrests being made last year.

But, no sooner had the ink set on the reports in the newspapers, three suspected Britons ended up in hospitals in Ibiza and Majorca after falling from balconies.

The two latest incidents happened in the early hours of yesterday morning in Costa de la Calma and Magalluf and a 29-year-old is in Son Espases Hospital in a serious condition.

His fellow countryman is just a few wards away in the same hospital.
No one wants to see Britons ending up in hospital while on holiday but one must address the reasons and ask the question when is an accident not an accident?

These incidents increase the pressure on the emergency services, hospitals, police and hotels. How can this fad be stopped, make it illegal so someone can be held accountable.