Dear Sir, SO, Tony Blair is at least getting something right, be it sooner rather than later. To stop anyone coming into the UK with even a criminal record should be a pre-requisite for all asylum seekers or immigrants, even more so with people preaching or advocating violence and supporting terrorist activists. These are actually the most basic, simple requirements any government should impose/check on, and it is a disgrace that it takes a terrorist bombing in London, with such loss of life and injuries to give the necessary wake-up call to our so-called leaders. But it is not good enough for politicians to belatedly run around trying to sound strong and positive after the event we were all waiting for. “Cause and effect”, something that Blair and Bush either still just do not understand, or do not want to. Terrorists, wherever they are, do not just wake up on a Monday, and decide to bomb railway lines, stations, etcetera, the following Thursday. All western politicians need to look at where the root cause is for these terrorist organisations to create their belief, build on their grievances and recruit martyrs that result in the suffering of innocents everywhere. The Israeli/Palestinian conflict is the festering centre core of all Islamic dissent, and will continue until resolved. Afghanistan and Iraq are just “cherries on the cake” to incense Muslim reaction. Until the USA stops unilaterally supporting Israel, to the exclusion of all others, even via U.N. resolutions, this will continue, and unfortunately, grow. Hatred breeds hatred, and until the “cause” is addressed, the “effect” will continue. The next generation of suicide bombers, terrorists, freedom fighters, call them what you will, are being born now, to continue the conflict in twenty years or more, unless the western/world leaders start addressing the real cause, and stop burying their heads in the sand on where the solution lies to the problem.

Graham Phillips, Palma de Majorca