Dear Sir

WE have been coming to Majorca for over 10 years, sometimes more than once a year. The global hard times have had an effect on us all. This year it is a particular financial struggle to come at all, but we are.

However I am shocked that my hire car is costing more than double last year (in Euros) for a smaller car booked the same 2 months in advance, and I am apparently lucky to get a car at all ! The additional 260 Euros of hire car cost, going into the pockets of the hire car company, will not be spent on eating out, trips, treats for the kids etc.

Those who cannot hire a car will not be able to get to restaurants and shops away from their villa or hotel. Cars are cheap, fewer cars cost less to maintain, so why have the prices doubled? Tourism is vital for the economy of Majorca and I for one would hate to see it suffer more than necessary in these times. What worries me are all the smaller businesses on the Island that will now suffer because we are spending all our money on the car, or not going anywhere because we don't have one.

Surely the government, usually quite interventionist, would do something about this and I hope that every business in Majorca who has fewer customers this year will knock on the door of the hire car firms for a share of their profits.

Yours faithfully,

John Christian


IN support of Mr Galuidi's letter about the lack of waymarks on mountain paths. While Britain has its legally protected foot and bridal paths, the enlightened ski resorts and mountain villages of France, Switzerland, Austria and Italy have hundreds of kilometres of waymarked and maintained paths for the benefit of tourists walking in the summer months.

Regrettably Spain is far behind, inspite of having good mountain walking areas especially in the Pyrenees, Picos de Europa and Majorca.
Yours faithfully,

Robin Musters, Calvia