By Jason Moore

WHILE there is talk of changing the election system in Britain perhaps the Balearics could consider doing likewise. Next year local elections are taking place in the Balearics and at the moment it appears that no party will gain an overall majority meaning that there will be a return of coalition government. No one doubts that the centre right Partido Popular will win but not by enough to gain an overall majority. It could mean that the ill-fated socialist/nationalist coalition which governs the island at the moment could be returned to power. This would be a nightmare. At the last elections the Partido Popular failed to gain a majority by a whisker which left the door open for the coalition which now governs the islands. But the cause of democracy was not served. The Partido Popular polled 47 percent of the popular vote but they were still in opposition. The system needs to be changed so that the party which has the lionshare of the vote is elected. Over the last three years the coalition government has been involved in a war of words between themselves and corruption scandals saw the Majorca Unionists being ejected from the coalition. The next few years are going to be hard for the islands and strong government is going to be needed.


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