By Jason Moore

Scores of acres of prime woodland has been burnt to the ground in Andraitx and its surrounding areas but could the local authorities have done more to avert this natural disaster? The fire was finally extinguished yesterday almost three weeks after it started and following a massive operation involving firefighters and aircraft from across the country. But perhaps the time has come for the local authorities to increase patrols in wooden areas and build fire traps. Perhaps it might be an idea to build watch towers in wooded areas and even leave firefighting equipment in place just in case there is a fire. I think there are lessons to be learnt from this disaster and perhaps a full government inquiry should be ordered. Obviously, the risks of forest fires during the summer months is high especially with the hot,humid temperatures but I am sure that more can be done so that fires on this scale can be averted.

The sight of HMS Illustrious leaving Portsmouth on Monday with an empty flight deck shows the mistakes of the recent defence cuts. The coalition government decided to scrap the Sea Harrier effectively leaving the Illustrious and her two sister ships, the now scrapped Invincible and Ark Royal without any “teeth.” Illustrious is now equipped with army helicopters which are no match for the Sea Harrier. Defence cuts can be dangerous and Britain is paying the price.