Dear Sir, I am an owner of some 33 years on this magnificent island. Over the decades Magalluf has and continues to receive all the headlines for the wrong reasons. Hopefully all will improve over time.

Currently, noise pollution causes substantial damage. Hotels, apartment blocks that have entertainment like Bingo use audible assistance to address the few that are sitting metres away, whilst this pollution can be clearly heard by people 500 metres away, ridiculous, damaging and inconsiderate.

The glass bottom boats have addressed the situation, they pass by, barely audible whilst announcing the various beaches.
On the sea, we have ( I assume, licenced catamarans), that for some unknown and illogical reason in my opinion, anchor very close to the beach at Palma Nova with very very obtrusive unacceptable audio, vile language, suggestive innuendo with connotation for all children to clearly hear, let alone adults that are also unable to avoid.

To add to the overall noise pollution, we have to endure the airplanes droning past with banners, deciding to pass over the residential locations right above where potential customers are unable to read, rather than stay well out to sea where such banners could be read
Hopefully Calvia has noise pollution on their Radar, this will greatly assist the reduction of additional bad press and encourage family Tourism thus much needed revenue in the long term.

Yours, MJ Wheatley.