Holiday apartments

Dear Sir,

The all-powerful and very influential Majorcan hotels seem to have the politicians right in their pockets this time don't they! What other reason would a tourist island's Bureau of Tourism have to want to ban holiday lets, which, if the hoteliers' figures are to be believed, is the very type of accommodation nearly half of all visitors want.

If carried through, the result of this nonsensical regulation will be property foreclosures by the thousand, further reductions in real estate values, widespread closure or bankruptcy of small shops, restaurants, bars and car-rental firms all over the island and the holiday resorts will become ghost towns for 9 months of the year.

If the Olympics had a Bonehead category, there would be no medal challenges to whoever is doing this to Majorca. Peter Waters

Portals Nous

Hotel vs residential tourism

Dear Sir,

Interesting conflict of interest shown by two adjoining articles in your publication. In “Majorca needs to move with the times”, the hoteliers are moaning about unfair competition from “irregular” accommodations favored by many tourists.

At the same time in “Supermarket sales up 10% thanks to tourists” the merchants are happy with “residential” tourism. I suspect that in many cases “irregular” and “residential” include the same tourists. The cash flow to tourist hotels, goes to multinational hotel chains though some filters back to Mallorquins in the form of seasonal jobs. However “residential/irregular” cash goes directly into the local economy and benefits the Mallorquins directly both in the initial tourist spending, but as recycled through the products and employees. I don't see the problem as so much that of the “irregulars” but in the tourist industry's desire to have a monopoly on the tourist cash flow.

Those staying in hotels tend to eat boring generic food, watch imported or canned entertainment, and if they go out, pay for expensive tours visiting places which have an “in” with the tourist industry. Those who go “residential/irregular” tend to see the real Majorca, and the locals in their native habitat, fiestas, dances, traditions, and activities – all of which cost nothing but generate income for the local economy in terms of food, drink, shopping, and transportation.

For example, often there are “ballades” (folk dances) and concerts at Ses Voltes, below the Cathedral.
These are not promoted by the tourist industry, because they are free. Often tourists visiting the Seu, hear the music and come down to see what is happening. They say this is a good thing and ask why they are not told about this. The answer, of course, is “because it is free” and generates no cash for the tourist industry.

So it is not so much that “Majorca needs to move with the times” it is the tourist industry and the politicians in its pocket that need to move with the times for the general benefit of Majorca and Mallorquins as opposed to some distant multinational company.

Richard Goss


Illegal rentals

Dear Sir,

The Mallorcan Hotel Federation (FHEM) has suggested that the private rental section could possibly be sub-standard and the poor image it would generate would tarnish all Majorcan accommodation with the same brush.

A few months ago, when the FHEM were bemoaning the low daily rate they were forced to accept per head for all-inclusive accommodation, they admitted that they were “no longer able to meet the expectations of the tourists.” Is this not re-phrasing “Sub-Standard “ in a nicer fashion?

Repetitive menus, poor entertainment, low quality drinks and unrealistic queues are all complaints that I hear in my little Porto Cristo bar. Of course the all inclusive hotels really don't want the holiday maker there 24/7. They want them out, drinking and eating elsewhere. After all, they've had all the money they can get off them already.

If most of the All-inclusive go home with a feeling of “been robbed”, then the general image of Majorca accommodation will certainly be tarnished, but not by the private rental section.


Oliver Cheetham


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