IN my efforts to reach the responsible authorities, there is little left for me to do but use the Editorial of the MDB to reach those responsible. In the last days I happened to frequently spend time at the Ibiza airport.

With the chronic delays throughout the summer I have waited, regrettably, for a good many hours cumulatively what I have noticed is how filthy the airport is, both in and out of the building! I am aware that passengers do not always care or pay attention to public hygiene, yet it is AENA, the airport authority's responsibility to make cleaners available CONTINUOUSLY in order to ensure that areas remains clean at all times, unless they discover other solution like placing inspectors and imposing heavy fines. AENA is cashing in huge amounts of money for services within the airport periphery – just observe the costs of beverages, papers and other items, mostly due to the humongous rents the operators pay. The last time I was at the airport was at 6:00 am and evidently, they did not clean it overnight.

Also, the building facade is dirty and the ongoing construction work is covered with some ugly plastic sheets. I travel all over the world and I have not seen a place dirtier than Ibiza airport, not even in Africa, Asia or any other 4th world country.

In addition, the smoking ban which forces smokers to gather in huge droves “to kill themselves” outside the building leaves other passengers fighting an unbearable cloud of smoke, not to mention the huge amount of cigarettes butts strewn around, unclean – see above.

I sincerely hope that someone will be ensuring that this situation changes forthwith.
With kind regards,

Arye Berest



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