Dear Sir,
I would like to add to Mr Cutlack's contribution in the Daily Bulletin of 18th August. I think it conveys a sentiment of the injustice and unfairness we see all around the world these days.
ENDLESS cycles, Endless turns, Endless conflict, As the world burns.
Powers in the East, Powers in the West, Testing each other, To see who's best.
The fight for democracy, The fight for life, Big powers not willing, To do what's right.
The suffering masses, The endless pain, Ignored in favour, Of profit and gain.
Appeals on TV, To ones' better nature, Ignored every time, In each legislature.
Where is our voice
In our hour of need?
Which road do we take
To make this succeed?
All the killing, All the toil, Morals sacrificed, For a barrel of oil.
Stephen Humphries, by e-mail.


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