Dear Sir,


WITH reference to the letter from Helen Vanderpyl in yesterday's ”Daily Bulletin” condemning Calvia Council workers for not correctly removing selectively packaged rubbish, it was not the fault of the green bin rubbish collectors.

The local employers should make sure that their staff not only fold up the cardboard boxes, but put them IN the BLUE BINS specially provided for paper and cardboard boxes, only a 100 metres away.

Unfortunately a few inconsiderate people leave their rubbish beside, instead of in the bins, so that it blows about.
Lamentably few people from the apartment blocks bother to segregate their rubbish and take it to the recycling bins.
The larger blocks need to segregate their rubbish and have their own recycling bins.
Our block has three large green bins, why not one green, one yellow and one blue?
Calvia council could check that all shops and blocks have recycling plans.
Robin Muster, by e-mail
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