By Jason Moore

DAVID Cameron certainly likes his holidays! Yesterday, the Prime Minister was back on holiday yet again in Cornwall despite the fact that the situation in Libya still remains unclear. Now, obviously the Prime Minister has a young family and needs to recharge his batteries but I think he must be the Prime Minister who has taken the most holidays.

So far he has been to Italy, Ibiza, mainland Spain and now Cornwall. He had to cut short his holiday in Italy as a result of the riots and also he had to return to London this week because of the situation in Libya but yesterday he was back on the beach again! Margaret Thatcher didn´t take holidays and perhaps Cameron should follow her example.

If you want the top job you have to forget about luxuries such as holidays especially when your country is involved in a war in Afghanistan, British troops are aiding the rebels in Libya and also there are a wide range of domestic issues from the riots to phone hacking. Really Cameron should have stayed in London and forgotten about holidays for this year.

Now, I know he has a relatively able deputy in Nick Clegg but there is simply too much happening in Britain and the world which requires his full attention. During the London riots most of the government was on holiday. This was a big mistake. If David Cameron wants to enjoy a normal life with plenty of short breaks and holidays then perhaps he should have elected for a different career.


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