Dear Sir,
MR Fleming, in berating Charles Clarke yesterday,over his “intemperate,inaccurate,”etc.remarks,shows his own biased, intemperate response in his attack on the Minister Even Mr.Fleming should acknowledge that the specifict acts,alluded to by Mr.Clarke,do require not just condemnation,but a robust response and measures to combat them. They were inhuman deeds,unmatched in the annals of human behaviour,cruel,barbaric,pitiless in their execution. The perpetrators placed themselves outside the law that Mr. Fleming invokes,and no amount of Guardianistic comment and pleading for their “Rights”can be entreated for them or those who preach and encourage such acts. I do believe these people have forfeited their so-called rights,having extinguished forever those of their innocent victims. If this is,as Mr. Fleming puts it, “Populist,and currying favour with the Murdoch tabloid press” as he contemptuously dismisses Mr.Clarke's riposte to a U.N. spokesman,so be it.Mr Blair,put it succinctly, “This is a whole new ball game,and the RULES will have to change ”No amount of legalistic casuistry can stand in the way of getting rid of those who applaud the murders committed on the London Underground and bus.on Juy 7th.,plus the second failed attempt on July21st.
Phil Green, Son Ferrer.


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