Island connections
I have read in the last few weeks , both in the Editorial and readers letters , about the “dearth of winter flights “ to and from the U.K. especially in winter. I must say that since British Midland was taken over by Lufthansa we have lost our only direct connection with the main U.K airport, namely ,Heathrow.

We are now one of the few countries not connected with our principal capital airport, the number one London connection!

One can fly direct year round to many capitals in Europe, from Palma, save not to Heathrow, and surely this is an absurd situation? Yes we have Gatwick, Stansted and Luton, but none of these are “Hub” airports for passengers wishing to connect with flights onward to the rest of the world! We can easier fly to Frankfurt or Madrid, giving our business to largely, non British companies, but to the capital , of the U.K. direct no! In winter British island residents, and visitors , living or visiting the South West or South coast and Southern counties, have to make expensive round trips to and from the above mentioned airports, either by train or coach, or hire car. In bad weather the aforementioned airports, close due to inferior bad weather facilities. For all the years that I have visited and, now lived on Majorca, we had a direct connection with Heathrow, and I am sorry to say that a large tract of the south is now cut off for easy travelling.

I think that the authorities and airlines could seriously think about reinstating this service as I am sure many of the “missing “winter visitors would come if there was a more centrally place air link, once again, year round?

Yours hopefully,

Yvonne Cotton


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