Dear Sir,

I read with interest and trepidation the letter from Mr. Brian Roberts, I think he is missing the point, this island is not only inhabited by tourists , there are many residents who live here year round, of all nationalities and a maintenance of air connections to principal cities of Europe , is a primary requirement year round, albeit at a reduced time table in the winter months.

Previously we had connections with the major cities of Britain such as Heathrow ( London ) Glasgow, Edinburgh. In addition to other cities in Europe which have maintained connections at a reduced timetable, but this year we are grounded.

Since a few years British airlines have cut off vast parts of the UK, but the German airlines continue with a slightly reduced schedule even in the winter. Residents of all nationalities use various airlines according to where their business or holiday , or family visits require them to go. We are not tourists! Mr Roberts may notice that there are still many people here in the low season running their daily lives who are residents! I have to go via German Dutch, Spanish, airports to fly long haul, so the UK misses out if I want to travel further than Europe! (on passenger tax)
As for the cruise industry, in winter, it all transfers to the “ summer climes” of the Caribbean, or the far East, so they are certainly not concerned by the lack of winter flights from the UK or anywhere! Many Island businesses have been built on the custom of certain types of customer and the British have always been in the fore for yachting of all types year round, so of course Wellies is finding it has less customers in the Port, as they cant get here due to the poor connections till the Spring.

There used to be “combined flights” coming from Scotland, starting in Edinburgh and touching down in Glasgow.
Why if Germany can provide flights from many regional airports year round ( at a slightly reduced timetable) why then cannot the British companies do this?

At the moment all the South of England passengers, have to fly to an overcrowded Gatwick and they have 2 airlines from there serving this island.
We residents are certainly not parochial, we want to travel! So Mr. Roberts, be corrected, as winter cuts are not new but total annihilation and the impossibility of getting to many areas of Great Britain is certainly new and we will end up trapped on this island, if this cutting of connections goes on- or should I move my family to Germany so that air connections are convenient?

Of course the British community here will complain , because unlike other countries airlines which have maintained some semblance of a schedule in the low season British companies have not!

Yvonne Cotton


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