By Jason Moore

SO Real Mallorca football club is in deep trouble again and a new owner has to be found quick! A year ago this week, Paul Davidson, known in City circles as the Plumber pulled the plug on his alleged purchase of the struggling club. Since then there have been two other abortive sales and an actual sale which went ahead which has now hit the rocks for similar reasons as the ones given by Davidson when he pulled out.

The problem with Real Mallorca is that it has a debt mountain of more than 80 million euros. Apart from the players it doesn´t really have many assets, as the ground is owned by Palma city council and other important sections are in the hands of a trust fund. In the present economic climate Real Mallorca needs a minor miracle. But unfortunately there are other clubs for sale in Spain which are in a better financial situation than Real Mallorca. It is all very sad and my thoughts go out to the fans who have stuck with club through thick and thin. It is also rather unfortunate that the team, on the pitch, is doing so well. To save Real Mallorca, in some ways, a minor miracle is needed. If you know anyone who has in excess of 100 million euros to spend on a football club, let Real Mallorca know, they need all the help they can get!


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