Dear Sir,
l AS a regular visitor to my favourite holiday island (at least once per month during the spring and summer) I am dismayed that again your government is attempting to charge the tourist another tax, this time on their car rental. I rent a vehicle every time I visit the island and visit many of the beautiful sights all over the island. I purchase fuel, I visit restaurants on my travels, I visit Palma, El Corte Ingles, and always Porto Pi and the main shopping areas and spend many Euros in your retail stores. But now I will have to consider whether to visit so often in the future. Prices on the island have risen steadily since the Euro was introduced so please remember your beautiful island needs as many tourists as possible to ensure your economy survives. Don't tax the tourist too heavily, we may find somewhere else to go! Thanks for your paper, it is enjoyed every day!
John Harris, by e-mail.

Dear Editor,
I HAVE noticed that the subject of all-inclusive holidays is still being talked about on a regular basis. It seems that the latest is for two bars to join forces with hotels so they can share custom. May I please draw to your attention that the original all-inclusive holidays were started in areas where it was not wise to venture out alone at night, or where there were no other amenities available. The main reasoning was that it is easier to not take money and therefore save time and energy as well as staff wages. I have stayed at such hotels and they usually offer as many as six separate resturants where you can expect very fine cuisine and certainly very good service; also they are usually situated right on the beach with outstanding views and also offer a full range of water sports and activities, all included! In these circumstances I can say that it is a very sensible idea; however not in Majorca where it is not unsafe to walk at night and where there are always many very good bars and restaurants from which to choose. Although I have not stayed in an all-inclusive hotel on your Island (and indeed do not want to) I have heard many comments from people who have stayed in them. The majority of comments have always been detrimental to these hotels. Another topic that is also in the news is the extra tax on hire cars. It seems to me that the powers that be are hell bent on decreasing the overall tourist trade. You have a very wonderful Island and it has its own feel to it, please don't ruin what many generations have strived so hard to establish. As I have said before in this column, “it will not stop my wife and I coming”, but you must think of the new generation and overall I do not think that you are doing yourself any favours! I know that whatever I say will make no or very little difference, I only hope that someone somewhere will take a little notice, and may think about the generel direction of where you want to go.
Nick Winter, by e-mail


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