DEAR SIR GORDON Brown has had another bad week, from the G20 not taking his latest idea of leading the world on banking tax/control, through being criticised for not showing full respect (bowed head) at Sunday's memorial, to the fallen soldiers of the past, to finally “that letter” to the recently bereaved mother, whose young son died in Afghanistan.

There was much “to do” about his getting name(s) wrong, and the seemingly hastily dashed- off letter, being almost unreadable. Excuses were made about his notoriously bad handwriting only having sight in one yet etc., but one would think with a special letter of this kind a moment longer would be warranted. Also, felt tip pens and biros are notorious for spoiling one's handwriting. Whereas fountain pen is thought to improve. Something maybe he can put on his Christmas presents “wanted” list!

Not mentioned so much were the many (was it nine) spelling mistakes. Especially as these were not difficult/unusual words, and on anyone else than the Prime Minister of Britain, one would question their literacy competence.

I wonder what the next week holds in store for the P.M.?

Graham Phillips