I have often thought that there is a wealth of experience within the tourist industry which is not being exploited. On Saturday we published a letter from a Majorca-based British businessman who wanted to establish an English speaking business association. I think this is an excellent idea which would certainly pay dividends. People, at the coal-face so to speak, should have their say. I some times feel that the local authorities rather like being in their ivory towers and are not to aware of what is happening at the frontline. We have a classic example now. The local government has announced that they now support all inclusive holidays, reversing an earlier decision. But all inclusive holidays will mean that local bars, restaurants and to a lesser extent souvenir shops will suffer heavily and the local ministry for tourism needs to take this into account. If you are going to get as much drink and food as you like which you have prepaid the chances of you leaving your hotel are minimal. Before the Balearics embarks on this type of tourism it would be a good idea if they ordered a study on how it is going to affect other businesses. While, all inclusive holidays may be fantastic for other resorts in other parts of the world, perhaps this sort of package is not ideal for the Balearics.
These are all issues which need to be discussed and debated by all those involved in tourism. This is why an English-speaking business association is needed because hundreds of bars and restaurants are owned by British people. I doubt, at the moment, they will be able to have their say. But it is not just the small business-people. Regular contact should also be maintained with the major tour operators, the airlines and even the British and German travels. We have a wealth of experience here which could easily be tapped into and which would benefit the island's main industry.


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