By Jason Moore

THE mass-selling German newspaper, Bild asked yesterday why is “England in the European Union.” Some writers on the Daily Mail appear to believe that the Germans want to take over Europe. The British-German political divide has probably never been bigger and it is was evident yesterday that Chancellor Merkel of Germany and David Cameron of Britain agreed on nothing during their summit meeting yesterday. The Germans continue to press for the so-called Tobin tax on financial transactions while Britain wants Germany to use its mountains of cash to rescue the euro. The euro was a German brainchild and therefore the Germans should pay, is Cameron´s position. Unfortunately for David Cameron, Germany is doing quite nicely at the moment while Britain is heading for recession. The Germans are now the heavyweight champions of Europe while Britain is attempting to box above its weight. Cameron can´t surrender to the German demands on the Tobin tax, it would hit the City of London hard and he would face an open revolt among his own MPs. Now you would have thought that European leaders would put aside their national differences and work for the common good of European Union. But no, as usual everyone is sticking to their national interests. This, in a nut-shell, is why the European Union will never work. Bild is right to ask why England is in the EU but the Daily Mail is also right to ask; for how much longer?


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