I have just read a most interesting book. George Best & Me. George Best and Malcolm Wagner (Waggy )
Through the eyes of Waggy who became a life long friend of George the book tells a story of deep unconditional friendship, The book relates to the 60s & 70s in Manchester a very special place to be at that time.

As kids in those years we had choice, lots of choice. It was at a time of a new found freedom, and we all used our freedom in different ways. It was possible to have a really great night out for very little money, (it must have been), because I know that I earned very little as a teenager.

The book is not a football book but a book about a footballer and friend, it's about two lads who understood how to live this new found freedom in their own way.

The book gives a view of George Best that many may not have seen, some good and some bad. but it offers a reason as to why things happened.
George loved Majorca and came here as often as he could. he even convinced a Majorcan chef to move to Manchester and work in his new club Slack Alice.
The book is written in conjunction with Tom Page, a talented Writer who manages with great feeling to express the mood of that time through the eyes of Waggy.

Kind Regards, David Oxberry


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