By Jason Moore
A couple of weeks ago I saw in a London newspaper that Marks & Spencer had increased their online service to many parts of the globe including Spain. I thought, what a novel idea but I didn´t expect many people to actually use it. All of a sudden it is the main talking point among expatriates on the island; a large number of people appear to be cashing in on the weaker pound and buying on online with M&S. My thoughts on the matter; well it clearly underlines the fact that probably the major British retailer should open a branch in Palma but secondly and more importantly; why? Palma is lucky enough to have a large number of top stores where you can buy literally anything. You´ll probably find that many of the items are made in the same factory in China as those on sale in Britain. Years ago you couldn´t buy British food stuffs on the island but all this has changed and really you are spoilt for choice. However, if all you are going to do is buy online at British department stores, watch British television via satellite and eat British food and moan that Britain has gone to the dogs then perhaps the time has come for you to move back to Britain. One thing is keeping your national identity another is just being British and living in Britain in the sun.


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