By Jason Moore
IT appears that the dream of living in the sun is over for many Britons. Figures released yesterday showed that the number of Britons leaving the United Kingdom fell to its lowest level in a decade. Not even the recession and relatively high unemployment is making Britons think about a new life in a new country. Spain for the last ten years has attracted hundreds of thousands of British expatriates but over the last few years their numbers have declined as more return home to Britain. Both ends of the age spectrum have been hit; young people who come in search of a new life have returned because of the shortage of jobs and the more elderly are doing likewise because their income has fallen as a result of the rise in the euro against sterling. I suspect that when things improve economically more Britons will start moving away again. But it is quite interesting to note that when times are hard, Britons don´t plan any overseas adventure. It is always difficult to say how many Britons live on Majorca, the official figure is about 15'000 but some reckon it is close to 50'000. I suspect that it is somewhere near the middle. And I would also say that the community is getting smaller.


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