By Ray Fleming

ONE of the admirable things about British society is the existence of awkward citizens who refuse to accept the official version on contentious matters and continue to worry away at it, like a dog with a bone, long after others have lost interest.

David Halpin, a retired orthopedic and trauma surgeon, must be such a person.

He simply cannot persuade himself that the cause of death of the weapons inspector David Kelly in 2003 was as determined by the Hutton Inquiry -- a small self-inflicted cut to his wrist.

No inquest sat on Dr Kelly's death and instead the Hutton Inquiry said it was suicide.
Dr Halpin wants a proper inquest to be held before all the documents of the Hutton Inquiry are put out of sight until 2074.
This matter is unlikely to be covered by the Chilcot report on the Iraq war, when it eventually appears, but it needs clarification because Dr Kelly was at the heart of the dispute over what “weapons of mass destruction” Iraq possessed to justify the US/UK attack. Dr Halpin thinks it very unlikely indeed that the small cuts on Dr Kelly's wrist could have led to his death.

He is therefore seeking a judicial review of the recent decision of the Attorney General, Dominic Grieve, not to order an inquest on Dr Kelly's death. Good luck to him.


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