YOUR staff reporter highlighted the fact that most Spanish people do not feel they are getting value for their taxes. A very emotive subject, but one that centres on the quality of politicians and civil servants.

Within Majorca we seem to have more than our fair share of disillusionment with the politicians that are in office to effect our wishes. Indeed, it is us, the voters that are at fault in putting people into important positions where they continue to fail us, both in policy making issues, and properly using our hard earned tax revenues to best effect.

The New Son Espaces Hospital, the Golf Course at Son Bosc, the Tram project, to name but a few projects that appear to be steeped in incompetent project management issues. However, the list seems to be endless.

It was reported today in the Bulletin that the final licences to operate the new Hospital at Son Espaces had only been submitted on Monday of this week. Who was responsible for this important part of the project and has he or she been dismissed for incompetence? The new bridge to provide access to the hospital is not complete, but why not? The reason is that it was only started a short while ago. Again what happened to the project management team monitoring this aspect? Patients have already been moved to other hospitals because the project managers failed to do their jobs properly! Despite many different decisions within the Council of Mallorca, an agreement was made to permit the golf course at Son Bosc to be constructed. However, there is still a movement to cancel this golf course, despite construction already having been started. All of this disagreement costs the tax payers money! The Tram project that caused so much distress recently, is it actually funded by Central Government? Why is it that the Partido Popular are now saying they have not been consulted about the project and will cancel it if they gain power in the next elections! How much time and money has already been expended on this project and at what cost to the tax payer?

All in all, quite a fiasco. What do the politicians actually do once elected?
How are they advised by the great army of civil servants, which the country cannot afford?
Who is actually accountable within the elected body of politicians for what appears to be gross ineptitude in costly projects?
The next time you have the opportunity to vote, make it worthwhile! Ask appropriate questions of the candidates and stress that their jobs depend on their actions if elected. Make accountability the key to a successful governing body and nothing less than full transparency will be accepted by the voting public.



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