By Jason Moore

EARLIER this week the Bulletin was honoured by the Majorcan Tourist Board for its 50th birthday and I attended the celebrations which took place in Palma. Now the Majorcan Tourist Board is 108 years old and it still continues to play a vital role working alongside the local ministry for tourism. The main role of the Tourist Board is to underline Majorca´s many virtues and they have obviously been most successful. Infact, the Tourist Board clearly believes that every cloud has a silver lining. I remember when I was a young reporter on this newspaper doing a story about the heavy snowfall which had fallen overnight. My headline was "freezing Majorca..." The next morning I received a call from Anna Skidmore who has worked at the Tourist Board for many years. She said to me that instead of underling how cold it was I should have focused my report on the fact that hundreds of parents were heading up to the hills with their children to show them the snow. At that time snow was not as common in Majorca as it is now and lots of local children had never seen snow. Snow on sunshine island;children´s delight, was my headline the next time it snowed. And this is why the Majorcan Tourist Board has been so successful in its long history because it will defend and promote the island always come rain or snow! It taught me a lesson, it is always better to be positive rather than negative, eventhough the old adage says that good news doesn´t sell newspapers!


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