By Jason Moore

THERE has been a surge in the number of Spaniards heading to Britain to study and work. The number of Spaniards taking the English language exam which will allow them to legally settle to study or work in Britain has increased substantially over recent months.

When I visited London last summer I was amazed to see how many Spaniards live and work in Britain. The majority have abandoned Spain because of the five million unemployment rate. But full marks to the Spanish for heading abroad to try and find work as a result of their country´s severe economic crisis. Perhaps, the one million Britons, under the age of 25, should be encouraged to find work abroad also. It is rather amazing that Spaniards are able to find work in London but young Britons can´t. Granted that many are working in either shops, restaurants or hotels but they do prove that there are jobs available as long as you look for them. When times improve the young Spaniards will return from Britain with new experiences for their CV.


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