By Jason Moore

THE Palma Port Authorities are pushing ahead with big plans to enlarge the port facilities at a time when the number of cruise ships which are visiting our shores is in decline. If we are not careful there is a danger that the port will become like Palma airport, far too big and only used at its full capacity two months a year. I believe instead of Palma having a mega-port, with all the natural environmental damage which this would entail, it would be much better if the local authorities try to find a balance. Big is not always best.

With closer work with the cruise companies I am sure that ships visits could be more spread out throughout the season. I also believe that the local port authorities have still been unable to exploit the cruise line industry to the maximum. The fact that only 50 percent of all passengers on a cruise ship come ashore is a clear example that more needs to be done to persuade passengers to leave their boat. No, I think it is certainly back to the drawing board for the port authorities. The port of Palma is quite big enough at the moment without planning anything bigger. A bit more imagination and less concrete is probably the most sensible option.