Dear Sir,
 About time something was done about the cyclists. Two things I dread at this time of year are processionaire caterpillars and cyclists both are pests.
These cyclists flaunt the traffic laws, they ride on pavements, do not stop at lights, and zig zag through people on crossings. They ride 2 or 3 abreast in towns, if you ask nicely ‘single file’ you are greeted with a finger in the air.
I thought it was funny they have put up signs ‘motorists aware of cyclists’ maybe it should be the other way around?
Living in Calvia it is a nightmare at times. Are they above the law? I think Majorca has outgrown cyclists, with more and more cars on the roads. Another point is why don’t they use the cycle paths provided at great expense by our local councils.
A. Caffyn
Santa Ponsa

Dear Sir,
 Regarding: Humphrey Carter/Cycling Wednesday 16/4/14 page 5.
Bunyola is my home and also still one of Majorca’s lovely little secrets. But these cyclists turn up in there 1,000s at the beginning and at the end of the year and show zero respect for other road users. 3/4/5 abreast is not uncommon.
Let the cyclists be taught road manners and road safety and maybe there will be less accidents /fatalities.
Alan Simpson


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