Dear Sir,
Hugh Ash’s article about traditional British values when confronted by the menace of Islamic extremism makes excellent reading.
It raises the very serious problem of establishing a clear dividing line between ‘racialism’ and ‘realism’. Understandably, the majority of us have such a fear of being seen as racialists that we are quite prepared to turn a blind eye to many of the frightening truths of Islam.
But we have to face it: it is realism not racialism which demands we stay ever alert to the fact that at least 95% of all the world’s killings (including ’honour killings’), kidnappings, piracy, limb-lopping and suicide bombings - not to mention inhuman ill-treatment of women including severe lashings, stoning to death and female genital mutilation are being committed by Muslims, usually with the approval of their Mullahs.
Whilst these terrible crimes stay in the Middle East and Africa, we in Britain will remain tolerant of our Islamic immigrants. But if they are replicated in Britain as our head of national security has warned, the repercussions could lead to a total breakdown of our traditional tolerance, leading to violent civil insurrection.
As the grandfather of two little girls, who dreads the idea of them growing up in an ever more Islamised Britain, I pray that those Sharia-driven Muslims leave our shores and emigrate to one of those countries who practise it.
David Lee

Dear Sir,
Picking up family I had to wait an extra hour at the airport so decided to follow up on my electric car hire fuel rip off scoop in last Friday’s Daily B. Then I wrote that the Balearic Government was negotiating with one company over a small fleet of electric cars. After talking with the company concerned I should have written that the Baleares Government had completed negotiations with that company over a small fleet of small electric cars and that the car-hire company was passing on the Governments free battery charging onto their clients at no extra cost.
The drawback is the addition of the word small or more accurately extremely small. The only cars currently available are Renault Twitzys. They remind me of that failure the Sinclair C5 - with a cover on. They are so small they are not unavailable at the airport as they are not large enough even to take the passengers luggage. They are limited to two passengers one sits pillion-like behind the driver. They can only be hired by cruise passengers at the port who need them for short journeys to the Cathedral, Bellver Castle etc.
Mike Lillico
Playa de Palma

Dear Sir,
I have been coming to my apartment in Majorca for many years. One thing that always strikes me as strange, considering that the English (UK) are the second largest of the foreign tourists/residents. It is that all of the packaged food products have most languages except English. I have bought cereals with German, Portuguese, Italian and even Japanese, but no English.
Has anyone got any idea why this is?

Tony Widdows
Porto Colom


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