Bull run


Dear Sir,

I presume that the letter from Mrs French suggesting the introduction of bull running to the UK was written in jest. If not, then there is something seriously wrong with her argument. I agree that the bulls have a good life before being tortured and killed, but can we apply this logic to all species? We allow our cats, dogs and horses a good life but would not dream of treating them in the way that we treat the bulls. Thank goodness the majority of people in the UK care for animals and would not allow the return of the spectacle of baiting animals purely for the blood lust of the spectators.


Annie Sofiano



I read with interest Mrs J French’s suggestion that young British men should prove their valour by running with the bulls. I totally agree with that one, so let’s start with letting loose a few bulls at the top of Magalluf’s Punta Ballena at 3 a.m every night. I bet there would be no shortage of brave participants to be chased down the hill. At least there would then be a reason for those drunken louts to scream and shout, rather than just making noise for no reason, prohibiting strange people like myself, who prefer to rest when it’s dark rather than during the day, to get any decent sleep. in fact, if they did that then I would happily go and watch some really entertaining carnage, seeing as I’m awake anyway!

James Brent, Magalluf


Dear Sir,

A question yet to be asked (and answered) regarding the deaths of the four kids in Gaza: in a town being carpet bombed and shelled, what sort of a parent lets its four kids go outside and play football?

I ask this especially in view of the fact that Israel had already dropped thousands of pamphlets advising the residents of their bombing intentions.

We already know that Hamas are using their civilian population as human shields. We also know that Hamas needed a big propaganda coup to turn public opinion against Israel.

So is there more to this story than just a misdirected Israeli bomb?

I trust that Israel will get to the bottom of this highly suspicious happening.


David Lee


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