Spin off to the Hugh Ash article

Dear Sir,
Hugh Ash, in the latest of his excellent articles, explains the truths behind the defensive war Israel is fighting against the Hamas terrorists.
But there is a spin-off from Ash’s article which poses a frightening question: can we in the West ever find a basis for a rapport with Islam?
Based upon what I read in the press and see on TV, Islam seems dedicated to every principle of which we in the West are utterly opposed.
Over this past week alone I have read of an Islamic Judge actually ordering the rape of the 10 year-old daughter of a man found guilty as punishment for his crime. I also read of enforced mass genital mutilation.
There were cases of little girls as young as eight years of age forced into marriage with middle-age men: of an Englishman in Saudi Arabia sentenced to 800 lashes for an alcohol crime and the persecution of Christians by ISIS- .in addition to the usual litany of mass murders, suicide bombings and rocketings..
But even more frightening: as the number of Muslims in Europe and Britain grows exponentially as it undoubtedly will, due to Muslim men taking multiple wives, Islam will slowly but surely become dominant over Christianity in Britain and Europe. When this happens, as in the Middle East, any resistance to these horrifying Islamic laws will be met with the kind of cruelty we are witnessing now in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq and Africa.
I shudder to think of the future of girls and women in an Islam-dominated Britain and Europe.
Question: Are we sleepwalking into a Muslim Sharia Law-led catastrophe?
Answer: I am afraid we are.

David Lee


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