Hugh ASh Sunday Comment
Dear Sir,
Hey, don’t the lemmings of the British Left love losers and liars.
They know nada about how the Pals play them for suckers and they fall for the same old sob story every time.
So thanks to Mr Hugh Ash for saying it’s high time they woke up and smelled the coffee and that little Israel deserves a slap on the back for its guts, not a stab in the back.
I sure pity Brits if Miliband ever gets to be head honcho. If it’s possible to mess up bigger than Obama he’ll surely do it.

Candy Kurtz
Puerto Andratx

Dear Sir,
Your Sunday columnist Hugh Ash is right when he says why the Left always blames Israel for everything that goes wrong in the Middle East.
I was a member of the Labour Party for over 25 years and fought hard for workers rights and I want to see the Palestinians have their own state, but one won by talks not war.
But Labour has changed in the last 10 years or so and now, as an ex-member (not Jewish) it is a hotbed of anti-Semites who use being pro-Palestinians to cover their racism.
They lie through their teeth about wanting a two-state solution, because what they secretly want is a ‘Judenrein’ Arab state with all the Jews gone.
Some of what I heard in branch meetings made me sick and when I complained the leadership did nothing to stop it. All that mattered was not offending Muslims.
Apart from that Miliband is the worst leader since Michael Foot, he hasn’t a clue about policies that help working people.
After voting Labour all my life I could never vote Tory, so I won’t be voting at all in the next general election.

Name withheld by request

Flights to Majorca
Dear Sir,
Having looked to book a holiday/flight to Palma Majorca, I find that I can get a flight from Edinburgh or Glasgow in November using easyJet and Ryanair.
The problem is I can not get a flight back from Palma to Edinburgh or even Glasgow.
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