Dear Sir,
As a longtime resident on the island, and a subscriber to the Daily Bulletin, I hope you will publish this quick note to all the letter writers who are sending in their complaints about the lack of, or diminished flights to and from, the UK.
Yes, this happens every year. And forgive the observation, but aren’t the majority of the carriers involved British?
So why bother sending in useless letters of complaint to the MDB? It’s just futile - what goal do these letters hope to achieve? Except to perpetuate endless complaining?
Rather, wouldn’t it be more productive to address this certainly valid issue directly to the airlines in question? Why not take up a petition and gather signatures?
This could be organized independently or with the aid of the editorial at the MDB - an online effort spreads quickly.
What about directing a letter writing campaign to the Chairmen of BA, easyJet, Ryanair, Monarch, Thompson et al? There is power in numbers, so why not be proactive and band together and actually do something to rectify the problem?
And please, spare us the complaining, as it’s not doing anything to change the situation which clearly has it’s roots in the UK. (Do you actually think the Spanish government representatives are reading about the problem here?! And what are they supposed to do about it?).
Better to turn this letter writing energy into an actual campaign with a goal to making the UK airlines realize that there is an economic reason to increase their winter flight schedules.

James Moulton


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