Dear Sir,

I think all Brits are wrestling with how to vote in the referendum.

I’ve listened and ignored the silly political comments about WW 3 and economic Armageddon and tried to distill what I know to be fact.

1. Voting REMAIN means uncontrolled immigration from the current EU, together with the many millions more who will be eligible should Turkey, Armenia etc. be granted entry.

2. Voting REMAIN means Immigration controls on non EU citizens preventing UK businesses recruiting experienced people from India, Australia and other advanced non European countries.

3. Voting REMAIN means that the UK public have no opportunity to influence, debate or remonstrate with the European Commission as they increasingly makes decisions and impose laws on UK citizens.

4. Voting REMAIN will mean the UK will come under increasing pressure to join the Euro and by doing so will become financially responsible for the economic failures perpetrated in many of the existing Euro countries and potentially any new EU entrants.

5. UK unemployment is currently around 5%. Compare this with an EU average of around 10%. What possible benefits can the REMAIN campaign present to the UK population to entice us to join an economically disjointed group.

It is obvious from the above that I will be voting LEAVE based on facts not threats but if there was ONE emotional reason to vote LEAVE it is the "resurrection from the dead" of BLAIR, BROWN and KINNOCK, all urging the UK voter to vote REMAIN.

Can anyone in the UK trust in what these three failed politicians say.

I for one certainly don’t.

Pete Godfrey
Cala Millor


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Alexis Smith / Hace over 5 years

I just don't know which way this should go. However I do ask the question if we leave how will this affect those ex-pats currently living in Mallorca or those who hope to do so in the future? We can't have it all ways.


Peter J Adye / Hace over 5 years

Dear Sir, I read Mr.Godfrey’s letter with interest, as I am sure he is right that many of us would welcome some facts about the whole Brexit issue. However, I was very disappointed to find a work of fiction instead of the non fiction he had promised us. Facts? His letter contained very few, if any! He stokes the fears of more immigration by mentioning Turkey and Armenia as future members -- does he not realise that this cannot happen without Britain’s consent? The EU does not control who we allow into the UK from India, Australia, and other advanced non-European Countries. The UK public does have the opportunity to influence the European Commission, via our MEP’s and via our own MP’s who can influence the selection of the people appointed by the government to represent us in the Commission. The majority of the laws passed in the UK are not a result of European ligislation, and even those that are often offer a much more rigorous interpretation than similar laws in other EU countries. This is the UK’s choice, not the EU’s. What is the evidence to support his assertion that the UK will come under increasing pressure to join the Euro? It is entirely the choice of the UK, they have shown no interest in this to date and there is nothing to suggest that they will do so in the future. The difference in unemployment statistics is irrelevant. The UK has achieved it’s current low level of unemployment while part of the EU. There is nothing to suggest that our continued membership would make this any different. Indeed, I would suggest that our exit is more likely to result in increased UK unemployment, at least for a few years.

Mr Godfrey then goes on to make an emotional argument that is equally unconvincing. Can he honestly say that Messrs Kinnock, Brown and Blair are any less trustworthy than Messrs Johnson, Gove and Farrage?

I think that Mr Godfrey has mislead us. In truth, this whole debate is inevitably predominantly about opinion rather than facts, as nobody can know what will happen if we leave or stay. It is for this reason that Mr Cameron was unwise to call for a referendum. Referenda are much more suited to issues which are much more factually based. When it comes to an incredibly important judgement call, I’d rather place that decision in the hands of our elected representatives than in the hands of a very under-informed public.

P. J. Adye Fornalutx …


Sean Dobson / Hace over 5 years

Kinnock never had a good word to say about the EU till,like many failed politicians he was offered a nice cushy,well-paid EU job,as was his wife eventually,now wild horses would not drag their snouts out of the EU trough and they never have a bad word to say about their paymasters now,funny that. Brown called a resident of a north west town,not all that far from where I live,a TOWN THAT HAS SEEN RACE RIOTS AND MANY CONVICTIONS OF MUSLIMS FOR GROOMING,a 'bigot' for even mentioning the subject of immigration. As for Blair,he has a lot of blood on his conscience,if he has one,that is.