Dear Sir,
I have just returned from a trip to Majorca. Can you make your readers aware of the threat from pickpockets. My wife and I took the bus from Palma to Puerto Soller. On our return we noticed three men mingling with the crowd boarding the bus. They did not board, making out it was not the bus they required. When we arrived at the next stop in Soller the same three men were mingling with the crowd again.

Please make your readers aware of their tactics and be vigilant at all times.

Jayne and Steve Frankland

Boat parties
Dear Sir,
We are long-term renting near the coast with a view to purchasing and are in two minds, hearing the same "f" word many times over in the ten minutes the boat takes to pass and the four or five times a day it happens. We are seriously put off inviting friends and family to the island in order to listen to this every day.


Dear Sir,
Ray Fleming is correct in suggesting a major failure of Tony Blair's government was a failure to provide adequate plans for taking over control of Iraq, once military engagement was over. And now we find David Cameron also had no plans to deliver Brexit, even though he knew it would be a close vote. If he was employed in industry he would be sacked. Once again no accountability. Britain deserves better leaders.



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