Dear Sir,
M. Macron, Theresa May, the British press as well as your editorials, have all made strong cases for and against Brexit. But no one appears to have questioned the legitimacy of the referendum itself.

Sir, Britain claims to be a Parliamentary democracy wherein we the people elect the representatives whom we believe to be the most capable of making the right decisions in the running of the country. Parliament also has access to the finest experts to assist them in this endeavour. A government may choose to devolve itself of the responsibility of government with a referendum but only on one-dimensional subjects such as the legalisation of marijuana or even, say, should we re-introduce the death penalty for terrorists.

But on abstruse and complicated matters upon which the future prosperity of the country depends, the people are not sufficiently equipped or informed to make these decisions. For David Cameron to have abnegated Parliament’s authority by handing over to an ill-equipped nation the crucial responsibility on making quite clearly the most vitally important political, social and financial decision of our time borders on heresy.

The referendum must be declared to be illegal and the responsibility for staying in or getting out given back to Parliament.

David Lee

Palma airport
Dear Sir,
Thank you Palma airport. We arrived on Tuesday 6th June my husband 86, and me 84. And from the time we arrived we never walked a step until we got to the car park.

They were waiting when our plane arrived with wheelchairs, took us to the carousel to collect our luggage and then took us, still in the wheelchair, to the car park. The young man and lady were polite and very helpful.

This a free service but we gave them a small tip. Many people complain about airport services but Palma did us proud.

Gwen Williams


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Geoff Dominy / Hace over 4 years

I do not understand how our council can allow people to destroy our beautiful olive tree in Plaça de Cort? Why is nothing being done? What would happen if one of these 'climbers' fell from the tree? The legal liability? We have to protect Mallorca and start enforcing laws. I tell people to get off it all the time but they just look at me and continue to take photos of their children (or sometimes adults) clambering all over the tree. The signage is inadequate and yes there should be a small fence around it to let people know it is out of bounds.


Simon Tow / Hace over 4 years

Have the two readers who have given me negative points got any better suggestions ?.


Simon Tow / Hace over 4 years

Dear Sir,

I wonder if fire fighting planes, similar to the ones we have here in Mallorca, would have been of any use in extinguishing the tower block fire such as this one and any future ones. The Thames could be used as an unlimited source of water. Regards, Simon Tow


Richard Pearson / Hace over 4 years

"But on abstruse and complicated matters upon which the future prosperity of the country depends, the people are not sufficiently equipped or informed to make these decisions."

And Diane Abbott is ?


MelB / Hace over 4 years

How arrogant of Mr. Lee to impute ignorance to the general populace of the U.K. The people with the most common sense and awareness of matters normally come from the ranks of the ordinary citizen. Unfortunately, it is becoming the norm today to ridicule people just because their opinion differs from that of the so called experts. In effect this amounts to a restriction on ones right to freedom of speech and opinion. It is then only a small step to the authorities having complete control over what can and can't be said. One should always have the right to disagree(without being disagreeable) with somebody else's opinion.


Henry James / Hace over 4 years

I don't know what you have been smoking,David Lee but can I have some.