Palma airport
Dear Sir,
Once again we have returned today, two eighty something year old pensioners to Cardiff from Palma and once again we have received wonderful treatment from the staff at Palma. You should all be proud of your airport staff.

Gwen Williams

Dear Sir,
I have been a home owner in Majorca for 13 years and I am fortunate to visit every month.
On my current return to my 2nd home I went to my local Puerto Andratx as I always do, to clean and prepare my small boat for its current launch. I was horrified to see that the council have introduced parking restrictions and charges all along the front from the club to duck bridge.
What’s more 90% of the spaces are now unoccupied when it would normally be 90% full.
This has only served to push all the local traffic into the side streets causing mayhem for people coming and going.
When will greedy councils realise they are supposed to serve the community not make everyone’s life difficult and drive away potential business.
I hope someone sees sense and takes the stupid restrictions away.
Colin Player

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