Dear Sir,
I have been coming to Magalluf for over 35 years. I have witnessed the widening of it and have seen how the seaside promenade and palm trees are very much appreciated by the residents and tourists. It is the perfect beach for strolling along, stopping in shops, bars, or restaurants. It's truly a beautiful area, to be enjoyed by the young and the old alike.

It's the perfect venue to enjoy the sights and sounds, hear the laughter, and make new friends. So, naturally it saddens me greatly to read stories of disgust that give the beach a bad reputation. I have been all over this beautiful island, and I could easily make the argument that it is one of the island's best beaches.

Case in point, the world's biggest, most luxurious private sailing yacht, SYA, has been sitting about the waters of Magalluf beach over the last few days. It belongs to Russian billionaire Andrei Melnichenko and is reputed to have cost an estimated 450 million euros.

I am certain a man with such assets could be anywhere in the world. And yet he chooses to enjoy the view of one of Europe's most talked about beaches.

I challenge those who have not yet made the visit, to decide for themselves, what kind of area this is. To see all that has been accomplished. To witness how a town of dedicated people, local businesses, and big-time corporations can transform a simple beach into one of the best in Europe. And then, I believe you will see the light.

Gil Davis


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peter sharp / Hace over 3 years

I was in the Travel Industry for over 30 years and classed Mallorca as my second home.WHAT HAS GONE WRONG? I read Daily Bulletin regulary and all I see now is NEGATIVE,NEGATIVE.It's either Drugs, Prostitution,bad Local Government decisions on Cruise Ships, Coaches in Palma, increased Tourist Tax.It's becoming obvious to us Brits Mallorca is no longer the place to visit as we are not wanted.There are many other destinations where we are welcome and cheaper.Come on Mallorca, you will be the losers in years to come.


Henrietta / Hace over 3 years

The transformation of Magaluf is already happening. The trendy bars/restaurants along the front. The new hotel is rising from the ashes.

Magaluf has the most amazing bay. Twenty years ago it was FULL of families, retired folk and a healthy influx of youngsters mixed with the families for the 6 weeks of July and August.

Sadly the change happened when Calvia and the police ignored the so called Prostitutes who appeared on the streets sixteen years ago - they are actually muggers who verbally would ask a father returning from an evening meal with his wife and two children if he wanted a Fxxx. Obviously the families left Magaluf due to this dreadful behaviour.

Let the families return. Stop the All Inclusive hotels as this is a resort where you want the families out in the streets walking around creating the atmosphere.

It is already changing, take a visit to the resort and see.

Calvia council still needs to work on softening the dreadful grey concrete with plants and appalling harsh lighting system they installed a number of years ago- the grey metal monstrosities of lighting. The team who did this should never be allowed to work on a project again.

Magaluf and its transformation into a wonderful FAMILY and FRIENDLY resort.


Lawrie / Hace over 3 years

I go to Magaluf now and again and yes I agree with Gil it can be a great place to visit but then I dont visit or go anywhere near the "strip" after 8 or 9 at night. The beach at Magaluf is not just the finest in Mallorca its as good as any beach in Europe. I hope and pray the transformation goes to plan and Magaluf becomes a top class resort. Yes it will take time to get rid of the lowlife Henry mentions but fingers crossed...........


Henry James / Hace over 3 years

Have you never seen the prostitutes/muggers,drug dealers,pub crawls,rubbish thrown everywhere,drug dealers,people urinating everywhere,walking around with barely a stitch of clothing on,fighting in the pubs and streets and a lot more besides?