Santa Ponsa.

17-07-2018Ian Rice

Dear Sir,
The island is very busy at present with tourism especially Palma.

The principal problem in my opinion is greed by the large hotel operators,basically they are trying to squeeze one years tourism into six months,then take advantage of the tax system, that in my opinion permits the hoteliers to close for the winter, making the majority of their staff redundant in the winter.

I understand that Calvia has 60,000 beds available in the six month season and about sixteen available in the winter, it’s incredible that such a popular tourist resort can simply go into hibernation at the end of October, after Halloween tourists are seldom seen.

On the other hand Benidorm appears to be able to trade all year round, similar to how Majorca traded in the past.

I would urge the Majorca authorities to urgently look at Benidorm Tourist Model and introduce it to Majorca, this may greatly help the many people who are unemployed in the winter, this I believe is leading to unrest and anti-tourism demonstrations.

Attached is a picture is Santa Ponsa which is very busy at present.

Ian Rice, a long-term Majorca resident