Dear Sir,

Whilst recently visiting your fabulous island for the umpteenth time in 40 years my partner Sandra and Myself were randomly mugged in the early hours of Thursday October 17 whilst on our way back to our apartment in Palmanova. It was the last full day of our holiday. We were on our way back from my good friend Juan’s establishment, Leo’s Bar opposite Kathmandu in Magalluf. Our apartments were “The Balear Beach” approximately 400 metres away.

During the incident I was unfortunate to receive two broken shoulders as I crashed to the floor as the thief fled empty handed.

This mail is not to chastise the constant crime in Magalluf but to “Thank” the wonderful people that helped us in our hours of need.

Sandra on seeing me badly injured rushed back 100 metres to Leos Bar and our good friend Juan and his trusty staff Sasha rushed to our assistance. Juan ensured the Police and ambulance attended, sat behind me on the floor to offer support as I awaited treatment. Sasha provided translation along with Juan and gave support to Sandra who was obviously very shocked.

The following day Juan came to our hospital in Palma centre and drove Sandra back to the apartment so she could pack our cases ready for the flight home. What a brilliant gesture.

We would also like to thank Mario and Carlos at The Piano Bar on The Roundabout. As Sandra cannot speak Spanish she went to see our friends for assistance. She explained what had happened to us and that she needed to get our luggage down from the apartment and over to Palma by taxi. Mario and Carlos were really shocked and went over to the Taxi rank and explained to the driver what our predicament was.

The Taxi driver (Name not known) promptly drove Sandra to the apartment. Parked the car in a nearby alley and lugged all our luggage down from the second floor. He then waited patiently while Sandra checked out then drove her to The Clinica Rotger in Palma and unloaded the luggage into reception whilst risking parking in restricted area. Wish all Taxi drivers were so helpful. Big big thank you Amigo.

At the hospital an unknown man promptly gave Sandra assistance to get the cases up to our room on the 7th Floor. Again a Big Thank You.

The Doctors, Nurses and Staff of Clinica Rotger gave me treatment second to none and with help from our insurance company managed to get us onto our flight home on Friday evening October 18.

The staff at Jet2 were also marvellous and had everything arranged at the airport to make our departure as comfortable as possible.

I know we see lots of reports on muggings in various newspapers but rarely see the stories of the good people that help victims of crime.

It would be marvellous if you write a column on "The great people in Magalluf and how they really do help the tourist in distress." All the people involved were truly shocked and distressed by the attack on ourselves.

I am home now and undergoing a very long recovery to my shattered left shoulder. Thankfully my right shoulder allows enough movement to get by.

Once again Sandra and myself wish to say a “Big Big Thank You” to the wonderful people of Majorca.


John Tattum and Sandra Metcalfe


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