Customers eating snails at Es Cruce Restaurant, Vilafranca. | A. BASSA


April 25 is Sant Marc's day and in Mallorca it's a long held traditional to tuck in to a big plateful of snails which are supposed to help avoid rheumatism and other diseases.

Christina Rico travelled from Calvia to eat snails at Es Cruce Restaurant, Vilafranca.

Staff at the Es Cruce restaurant in Vilafranca were run off their feet on Sunday as people arrived from all over the island to eat snails at the restaurant, but because of the coronavirus restrictions, many people decided to buy them and eat them home.

People buying Sant Marc's Day snails at the supermarket.

We have sold 4,500 kilos of snails which is more than most years,” said Es Cruce owner, Guillem Garí. “Perhaps it’s because more restaurants are closed or because it wasn’t possible to celebrate last year, but more people have come than ever.”

Es Cruce restaurant’s traditional recipe is a winner, it's served with the typical alioli and families love it.

Snails at Es Cruce Restaurant, Vilafranca.