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The first Soller International Shrimp Cooking Competition has been won by a contestant from Palma.

Six finalists took part in the competition which was held at the Suculenta Restaurant in Puerto Soller.

The jury was composed of Chef Marc Fosh, Chef Macarena de Castro, Chef Ricard Camarena, Chef Kristian Lutaud and Royal Academy of Gastronomy President, Lourdes Plana, who praised the quality of all the dishes.

Competition Judges: Chef Marc Fosh, Chef Macarena de Castro, Chef Ricard Camarena, Chef Kristian Lutaud & Royal Academy of Gastronomy President, Lourdes Plana.

Raúl Linares from Michelin star Restaurant Voro in the Cap Vermell Grand Hotel in Canyamel, scooped the trophy and the 1,500 euro 1st place prize money.

"I made a dish based on how I like to eat a prawn,” he said. “From an early age, when I was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I always said I wanted to cook and the prize money is great, especially after such a difficult year and a half, although things are going very well at Voro Restaurant this summer.”

Raúl’s dish was divided into three parts and he advised the jury to start with the potato canutillo stuffed with red prawns and leeks, continue with the croquette crowned with a marinated prawn, and eat the prawn last.

Second place and 500 euros went to Javier Ruiz for his steamed Soller prawn dish.

The organisers are keen to hold the competition every year to help promote one of the best products from Mallorca, which has received high praised for its quality from the Gastronomic Sector.

Red Prawn

Promotion of the red prawn from Soller will continue via special gastronomic days until the first weekend in October and participating bars and restaurants include, Bar Molino, and Barretes, Campo Sol, Ca'n Boqueta, Ca'n Gata, Ca'n Nadal, Ca'n Pintxo, Taberna Do de Pit, El Guía, Es Canyís, Brasserie Los Geranios y Maitea.

All of the bars and restaurants have added special red prawn dishes to their menus. For more information, log on to