The scene of the accident in Bunyola. | Ultima Hora

The owner of the property in Bunyola, which suffered damage as a result of Cristiano Ronaldo's Bugatti Veyron crashing into the entrance, says that the water meter was ripped out and that two concrete columns were knocked down as well as the gate.

On Tuesday, he went to the estate where Ronaldo and his family are staying. After waiting "a long time" for the door to be opened, a "very polite man and woman" appeared and, on behalf of Ronaldo, "they promised to pay for all the damage caused by the Bugatti". The Ronaldo representatives told him to get everything repaired and to "keep the bills". He will be contacting his insurance company on Wednesday.

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When the accident happened, he was in Arta. The Guardia Civil informed him what had happened. By the time he returned, the car was gone. At the time of the accident, it is understood that the footballer and his family were on their rented superyacht.