Family opted for Ibiza instead of Scotland with the Queen. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


It has been revealed that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry snubbed the Queen's invitation in 2019 to spend a family holiday with Archie and jetted off to Ibiza instead while the monarch spent the summer holidays in Balmoral.

Author Tom Bower claimed Harry and Meghan felt Archie was "too young at three months to travel by plane to Scotland".

They flew by private jet for a stay that lasted five days.

No images emerged of the couple with Archie, who stayed at a villa well away from the cameras. They travelled with security personnel, and it was reported that local security forces were not needed.

Meghan was previously in Ibiza in August 2016, when she was on holiday with three friends while Harry has often visited Mallorca.

Prince Harry first visited the island with his parents and brother in the 1980s staying at the Marivent Palace as guests of the Spanish royal family.

Then in 2012, he and a group of friends stayed at a villa in Puerto Andratx and a had a great time, they even went to the Pirates Adventure show in Magalluf.