Jade Jagger spent the night in police cells. | EFE

British model Jade Jagger has been arrested in Ibiza for allegedly assaulting several national police officers during an incident in a restaurant in the Ibizan capital last night, Wednesday.

51-year-old Jade and a friend were inside the restaurant, allegedly under the influence of alcohol at the time and their behaviour was apparently very aggressive and violent.

After an initial incident with the staff, one of Jade’s friends started shouting, insulting and threatening people in the restaurant.

The National Police were quickly on the scene and asked the man to stop shouting. But, instead of calming down, the man apparently attacked the police officers, shoving and hitting them which led to his arrest.

At that point, Jade Jagger apparently came out of the restaurant and shouted “Stupid Police” and other abuse and then attacked a policewoman whom she allegedly pushed and scratched.

She also had to be restrained and taken away in a police vehicle.
After having spent the night in police cells, both detainees will appear in courts during the course of today.