This week has been marked by storm “Betty”. Last Sunday, August 27 in the middle of the morning a strong storm of water and wind landed in Mallorca. I was at the airport waiting for the arrival of the private flight with which the Puerto Rican singer Rauw Alejandro, who until recently was the partner of the singer Rosalía, was supposed to arrive. Rauw was due to perform that night in Palma but due to the heavy storm his plane was unable to make the journey from Valencia to Palma. Hours before the concert, dozens of fans who were already at the door of the venue to be the first to get in, found out that the concert had been cancelled.

Fans waiting outside Son Fusteret for the Rauw Alejandro concert on Sunday.

But it was not only his plane that was affected by the storm, dozens of flights to and from Palma airport were affected, with several hours of delays and even cancellations, which caused chaos in the departures terminal. So much so that the British press echoed it, and the prestigious newspaper The Times opened its Tuesday edition with a front-page image of the crowds of tourists in the Son Sant Joan terminal.

Front page of The Times on Tuesday, August 29.

Days before and days after the storm, the island was visited by two big businessmen. The first, Daniel Ek, 40-year-old Dutch co-founder and CEO of the music platform Spotify. Daniel arrived in Palma on a private flight from Stockholm with his wife and part of his family to attend a private event at a finca in Lloseta. The family were due to return to Sweden the same day as the storm.

Daniel Ek, Dutch co-founder and CEO of music platform Spotify.

And shortly after the storm, who enjoyed a few days of rest, sport and food in the Serra de Tramuntana area was one of the Winklevoss twins. And I say one of the twins because I really couldn’t tell which one it was, Tyler or Cameron. The Winklevoss twins are American entrepreneurs who founded the ConnectU brand with a former Harvard classmate.

Mr. Winklevoss in Cala Deya.

In 2004 the twins filed a lawsuit against the well-known Mark Zuckerberg claiming that Mark had “stolen” the idea for ConnectU from them to create the platform everyone knows as Facebook. Winklevoss stayed at the Hotel La Residencia in Deia, played paddle tennis at the Soller tennis club and enjoyed fine dining at the C’as Patró Restaurant in Cala de Deya.