Big party: Photo: Instagram.


Mallorca Files star, Elen Rhys, celebrated in style in London this week as fans await the launch of the third series. Elen, according to posts on her instagram page appears to be celebrating her birthday early (or late) as she was born in November. After a long summer spent filming series three of the Mallorca Files any excuse is good for a party!

"Feel very, very lucky, to have a room full of the most wonderful humans, from near and far to celebrate with. Thank you all for making my night," she says on her instagram site.

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The celebratiion took place at the Decimo restaurant in London where Michelin-starred Chef Peter Sanchez-Iglesias merges the Spanish cuisine of his family with his love of Mexico.

Little is known about the third series of The Mallorca Files but filming is now complete with Elen spending most of the summer on the island. It is widely remoured that it could launch on an international streaming service.